In Conversation

For over a decade, Amon has conducted hundreds of meaningful interviews with notable and native New Yorkers. His goal is to document and preserve their journeys and share the lessons they've learned along the way.

In Conversation with Netic Rebel
Netic Rebel, known for his profound insights and diverse life experiences, engages in a candid conversation with Amon, covering a spectrum of topics that range from the philosophical to the deeply personal.
In Conversation with Martha Cooper
Known for her extraordinary work documenting street art and urban culture, Martha Cooper shares the rich experiences, challenges, and wisdom she has gained through a decades-long career.
In Conversation with Jeff Staple
Jeff Staple, a true pioneer in the world of design and streetwear. In our conversation, we delved into the journey of building a brand from the ground up, the evolving dynamics of street culture, and the essence of creativity in entrepreneurship.
In Conversation with Janette Beckman
Through Janette Beckman's candid reflections, we get a rare glimpse into her artistic process and experiences while capturing iconic moments in music history and observations on the ever-evolving landscape of New York City.
In Conversation with Tiger Hood
Tiger Hood has created a one-of-a-kind golf course in the urban landscape of New York. He is renowned for using up-cycled milk containers as golf balls. Tiger Hood has become a representation of imagination and togetherness in New York.
In Conversation with Shantell Martin
Shantell Martin shares her journey as an artist, her creative process, collaboration experiences, and her philosophical approach to art and life.
In Conversation with Jerry Saltz
Jerry Saltz, a Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic and author of "How to Be an Artist," shares valuable insights into art, creativity, fear, and personal growth.
In Conversation with Jamel Shabazz
This conversation provides a rich, straightforward look at Jamel Shabazz's life, work, and the profound impact of his photography on documenting urban life, particularly in New York.
In Conversation with Charlie Ahearn
Ahearn, known for his influential film "Wild Style," which provides valuable insights into the crossroads of art, film, and hip-hop culture.
In Conversation with Lady Pink
Lady Pink, with her inspiring narrative, not only paints a vivid picture of her personal experiences but also offers invaluable lessons in resilience, creativity, and perseverance.
In Conversation with TAKI 183
TAKI 183, a legendary figure in graffiti culture, whose groundbreaking work transformed the streets of New York into a canvas of urban expression.
In Conversation with Vikki Tobak
Vikki Tobak shares her unique journey from Kazakhstan to the heart of Detroit's music scene and eventually into the realms of New York's hip-hop photography.
In Conversation with Dot
This conversation with Dot offers valuable insights into the complexities of urban life, the impact of family dynamics, the allure and dangers of the streets, and the power of personal change.
In Conversation with Carl Clay
Carl Clay's journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to community, education, and storytelling that reflects societal truths and challenges.
In Conversation with Destiny Mata
Destiny Mata shares her evolution into documentary filmmaking, reflecting her deep engagement with New York City culture.
In Conversation with Craig "KR" Costello
Craig "KR" Costello, a renowned New York City street artist, has redefined graffiti through his distinctive dripping ink style and the creation of KRINK, his globally recognized brand.
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