As an adept Culture Journalist and Creative Producer, I've meticulously documented the personal journeys and professional retrospectives of hundreds of New York's most influential and ordinary citizens. My passion project, "New York Said," stands testament to this commitment. Partnering with Miles Partnership, my adventures have extended beyond the city's limits, taking me to over 35 states. My collaborations with prominent Destination Marketing Organizations, such as Explore Louisiana, San Francisco Travel, and Visit The USA, further underscore my expertise. My mission in these journeys is pretty straightforward: to chronicle compelling videos, photographs, and interviews that paint an authentic picture of the history, people, culture, food, and landscapes.
My commitment to capturing and preserving the voices of America runs deep, and my "New York Said" project is proof. For over a decade, I've scoured New York, securing interviews with luminaries such as the American cartoonist Bob Mankoff​​​​​​​, Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Jerry Saltz, graffiti pioneer ‘TAKI 183’, internationally-recognized and widely-respected peacemaker Erica Ford, acclaimed photographer Jay Maisel, documentary and street style photographer Jamel Shabazz, and Charlie Ahearn, the director of the classic hip-hop and graffiti film “Wild Stvle.” Each discussion offered a wealth of life lessons and insights, which I've been eager to share with an attentive audience.​​​​​​​
Professional Offerings
My journalistic pursuits extend beyond the boundaries of New York. Having undertaken projects in over 35 states, I offer a distinctive national perspective. Prestigious organizations such as Explore Louisiana, San Francisco Travel, and Visit The USA have placed their narratives in my hands, resulting in captivating content that resonates with both travelers and locals alike.​​​​​​​
Culture Journalism: My approach goes beyond mere documentation. I aim to capture personal and professional stories that not only inform but deeply resonate.
Photography: My extensive experience in photography has resulted in a diverse portfolio, capturing the soul of both individuals and places.
Content Creation & Curation: I pride myself on creating custom multimedia content that caters to diverse audiences, ensuring genuine engagement.
Interactive Engagement: My efforts extend to crafting immersive experiences, fostering profound connections both digitally and physically.
Tourism Marketing: My collaborations with industry frontrunners echo my knack for weaving stories that bolster tourism while nurturing local pride.
My expertise in documenting history, culture, and landscapes through videos, photos, and interviews positions me as a prime asset for teams in need of an experienced journalist and creative producer.​​​​​​​
Core Competencies: Culturally Competent, Emotionally Intelligent, Effective Communicator, Analytical, Adaptable, Nimble, Forward-Thinking, Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Teamwork, Collaboration, Professionalism, Wonderful Work Ethic, Trustworthy, Reliable, Time Management and Dependable
Key Skills: On-Site Producing, On-Camera Talent, Videography, Photography, Audio Recording, Editing, Public Speaking, Video Editing, Graphic Design, Script Writing, Documentary Shorts, On-Site Producing, Interviewer, Host, Podcasting
Headshot Photography by Ida Kreutzer
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