Recently, I had an amazing conversation with Lady Pink, the "First Lady of Graffiti." During our discussion, we delved into her early years of painting subway trains alongside renowned graffiti artists, her determination to prove herself, her experiences navigating the construction game, and her passion for mentoring young artists.
Lady Pink, who was born in Ecuador, raised in NYC, and now lives in the countryside north of the city, began writing graffiti in 1979. She quickly gained recognition as the only female artist capable of competing with the male-dominated graffiti subculture. From 1979 to 1985, she painted subway trains, and in 1982, she starred in the film "Wild Style," solidifying her status as a cult figure in the hip-hop subculture.
Throughout our conversation, we covered various topics, including Lady Pink's love for her craft, her early days of tagging, train yards, and lifting paint, her willingness to take risks and prove herself, and her interactions with other graffiti legends such as Lee Quiñones, Dondi White, and Futura 2000. We also talked about her travels around the world, selling her artwork, and the challenges she faced, including police raids and harassment from the NYPD Vandal Squad and SWAT team.
Despite these challenges, Lady Pink remains committed to inspiring the creative community and passing down her craft and skills to the next generation of artists. As a feminist, she also strives to bring more women into the field of graffiti. She has worked with various schools, including the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and the High School of Art and Design, and has even appeared on the Rachael Ray Show.
Through it all, Lady Pink continues to play the game, working on public art projects such as the Welling Court Mural Project and collaborating with other artists such as Sane & Smith. She remains an inspiration to hundreds of young outlaws and a prominent figure in the graffiti subculture. To stay up to date with Lady Pink, you can follow her on Instagram or visit her official website.
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