This interview holds a special place in my heart. It's not often that I get the opportunity to converse with an innovator, a pioneer, or a living legend, especially in the graffiti culture. Today's guest on the show is none other than TAKI 183.
Before recording a single episode of this podcast, I made a list of people I would love to have on the show, and I threw Taki's name on there under the "dream big" column. I wrote it down without ever thinking it was a real possibility, but here we are! It's funny how that "write it down and manifest it" stuff I've always heard about actually has some merit to it. I'm learning.
TAKI 183 was gracious enough to give me a few hours of his time to talk in-depth about his creative journey at the auto body shop he owns in Yonkers. However, since it was toward the end of the workday, we had to stop and start the recording depending on whether someone in the garage or a client needed to pull him away for a second.
I inserted a sound effect between the clips to give you an idea of when I had to stop the recording.
This episode was recorded in the waiting area of the garage, so just like when I'm deep in the city, it has its own sounds, such as the humming of the refrigerator, beeps, doors slamming, car lifts, wheels getting changed, sirens, and of course, a healthy amount of welcomed disturbances from folks in the neighborhood.
I could completely edit this stuff out, but to me, it's all part of the New York Said audio experience.
Enough with the intro, sit back, relax, and enjoy!
Press play to listen to the actual conversation I'm referring to in this writing.​​​​​​​

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