In Conversation

Over the years, I've conducted hundreds of meaningful interviews with native New Yorkers. My goal is pretty simple: to document and preserve their journeys and share the lessons they've learned along the way.

In Conversation with Janette Beckman
During my chat with Janette Beckman in Manhattan, we journeyed through her iconic "Rebels: From Punk to Dior" book, uncovering profound intersections of art and culture.
In Conversation with Tiger Hood
Join me as I delve into a memorable conversation with Tiger Hood, exploring the intersections of urban golf, personal journeys, and transformative life lessons.
In Conversation with Martha Cooper
After years of fleeting encounters, I finally sat down with legendary photographer Martha Cooper. In a buzzing midtown space, she unraveled tales from NYC streets to Japan's Yakuza underworld.
In Conversation with Jerry Saltz
In my conversation with Jerry Saltz, I uncovered insights about the art world, discernment in creativity, and the fleeting nature of life, offering a fresh perspective for budding artists.
In Conversation with Shantell Martin
Public Speaker, Curator & Philosopher
In Conversation with Jamel Shabazz
Documentary and Street Style Photographer
In Conversation with Charlie Ahearn
Director and Producer of the 1983 Hip Hop Film "Wild Style"
In Conversation with Lady Pink
First Lady of Graffiti
In Conversation with TAKI 183
Forefather of Graffiti
In Conversation with Vikki Tobak
Culture journalist and Author
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