Jerry Saltz, the Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic for New York Magazine, has released his book “How To Be An Artist,” which is based on his earlier Vulture essay of the same name. In an interview with Amon Focus, Saltz discusses a range of topics, including the importance of deadlines, how to look at art, and being radically vulnerable. 
The interview reveals that Saltz believes that fear is a necessary part of the creative process, and that rejection should not define one’s sense of self-worth. He emphasizes the need for hard work, the importance of listening, and the value of bad art as a learning experience. 
Saltz also discusses his personal journey, including his childhood in the inner city of Chicago, his time as a truck driver, and his experiences as an art critic for publications like Art Forum. Throughout the interview, Saltz stresses that there is no right or wrong way to look at art, and encourages people not to be intimidated by the art world. 
He argues that art is a form of abstract operating system that has been devised by humanity, and that it will continue to be relevant, even in the face of crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, the Flint Water Crisis, and the Iraq War. Overall, Saltz’s interview provides insights into what it means to be an artist, and offers advice that is both practical and inspiring.

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