Photo - Patrick Barr AKA Tiger Hood

The Tiger Hood Interview
New York Street Golfer
I recently conducted an interview with Tiger Hood, also known as Patrick Barr, to discuss his unique style of street golf and his passion for photography. Our encounter was a chance meeting on a summer evening in the Lower East Side, as I was walking home due to a train detour.
For those unfamiliar with Tiger's street golf, he upcycles used milk containers by wrapping them with tape and hitting them with a golf club towards a box in the distance. The placement of the box varies depending on the street and Tiger's assessment of the safest location. Some people even collect his taped-up milk containers. It's a fascinating and unconventional approach to the game of golf.
In addition to street golf, Tiger is also an accomplished photographer. His work often captures unexpected moments, such as a rooster eating out of a KFC box in Key West, which I found both humorous and thought-provoking. His photography has a raw and authentic quality that I find compelling.
During our interview, Tiger shared his thoughts on his art and street golf. He spoke passionately about the importance of creating something from nothing and finding beauty in unexpected places. For him, street golf and photography are both a form of creative expression that allow him to connect with people and the world around him.
Tiger's unique approach to golf and photography has earned him a devoted following, and it's easy to see why. His work is fresh, innovative, and inspiring. It was an honor to speak with him and learn more about his life and art.

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