You're embarking on an adventure, tumbling down a rabbit hole of creativity. Feel at home here. Peruse my interviewsphotography and Zooberdashery. This is a mosaic of my efforts, a little bit of everything, that culminates as the sum of the decisions I've made as a working creative. Should curiosity get the better of you, my contact details are as much an invitation for conversation as they are for business. Visit my LinkedIn if you're curious about my endeavors as a Creative Professional.
In an unexpected turn of events that seems almost like a tale from an alternate universe, you find yourself possessing something special: some Serendipity art. It's the kind of piece that, in another world, I would move mountains to keep. There's a certain charm to it—one that's not unlike the hidden genius of a Renaissance painting that only reveals itself after years of study.
On the reverse, you'll find instructions and a starting point. This print is not screaming its value at you, nor is it whispering sweet promises of future worth. It's simply here, in your hands, a mystery. And here's the crux: even if, in two decades, this art remains monetarily worthless, you will have engaged in a peculiar gamble. The very act of discarding it becomes an admission of your own narrative within this art's journey.
To keep or not to keep? If you're not one to speculate on future value, then the choice is simple: value it now. Hang it with pride. Should its physical dimensions not match your vision, don't hesitate to reach out. There's always a larger canvas.
Now, pause for a moment. Breathe. 
And to address the rarity of your find, these art pieces aren't items of commerce. They are fragments of joy meant to be stumbled upon or bestowed. If you've found one, consider yourself amongst a select few. If it was given, you're embraced by fortune, for this art was intended for you. It suggests a cosmic alignment—you might even consider buying a lottery ticket on such a lucky day.
Why do I leave art in the streets? It isn't for recognition or reward. It's my one-man campaign against the negativity that clouds our modern existence. It's an act of defiance, a statement that joy can be found in the most unexpected places and forms. My art, whether words, stylishly dressed wildlife, or landscapes, is diverse and spontaneous, reflecting the myriad emotions of the human experience.
So whichever piece of my art you've come across, know this: it's rare, it's meant to bring joy, and it's from me to you, this season of prosperity.
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